Community wide spraying for adult mosquito control is only utilized when
a mosquito borne disease (West Nile Virus, etc) is detected at levels
where human transmission is likely. To make adult mosquito control operations
as effective as possible, it is essential that an area be treated uniformly,
with minimal gaps in spray coverage.  The District realizes that medical
disabilities exist where a resident may require reduced pesticide exposure.
The District will honor up to a 1 block “no spray” area for residents upon
request with written medical documentation to verify their disability requiring
reduced pesticide exposure. Physical location and geographic parameters will
determine the actual “no spray” area.

Residents with a disability requiring reduced pesticide exposure may request a
“no spray” area by following this procedure:

1) A written note/letter from a physician indicating the patient’s address,
and physician’s statement of need for patient’s reduced pesticide exposure must
be submitted to the District. All information submitted must be legible. Mail the
statement to: Desplaines Valley MAD, P.O.Box 31, Lyons, IL 60534 or Fax to:

2) Resident must contact the District at 708-447-1765, during the hours of
7:00am - 3:30pm, Monday - Friday, to verify District’s receipt of above documentation,
and to review their actual location to allow the District to establish accurate
boundaries of the “no spray” area.

Note: Physician's statement does not need to include any specific information about
the patient's condition, only that the patient has the need for reduced pesticide