IT IS THE GOAL of the Desplaines Valley Mosquito Abatement District to reduce mosquito
annoyance and potential disease transmission by the mosquito using the safest and most
environmentally sound methods available. It is our responsibility to do this while protecting the
public and the environment from inappropriate risks. The district uses a variety of methods
and approaches to accomplish this task.

It is through the monitoring of various weather conditions and the surveillance of larval and
adult mosquito populations that the district learns where a mosquito problem might occur and
how large it might be. With this information the district can determine the type of mosquito
control that is appropriate at the time, and to coordinate efforts between the different control
divisions. In addition, many other behind the scene tasks are done that support the actual
mosquito control efforts. These include maintaining district equipment, vehicles, and buildings
as well as creating and maintaining maps of the various mosquito sources throughout the
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